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Down in West Anhui is flying higher and higher
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Lu'an News Network reported that a full-feathered white goose in West Anhui Province, a string of snow-white feathers, a piece of exquisite down products, from fine breed breeding, goose seedling supply, commodity goose breeding, goose slaughtering, down picking, to fine down semi-finished products processing, down manufactured products production, to the export and domestic sales of semi-finished products and products. Nowadays, the down industry chain in Luan is complete and compact, the supporting system is perfect, the regional characteristics of the industry are distinct, and the advantages of industrial agglomeration are obvious. After years of development and the attention of successive governments, feather and down industry has formed a better industrial foundation. The level of regional layout, large-scale production and industrialized management has been improved year by year, and it has gradually become one of the leading industries in the agricultural industrialization of Luan City.
At present, there are nearly 1,000 enterprises directly engaged in feather processing in Luan City, including 282 "4A" general taxpayer enterprises and more than 20 key enterprises. The annual output value of feather products in 2012 is nearly 3.9 billion yuan, accounting for 12.6% of the output value of similar products in the whole country. The annual sales revenue is 3.84 billion yuan, accounting for 12.4% of the output value and sales volume of similar products in the whole country.
Beginning Wings: Entering the Period of Rapid Development
From the first China International Down Festival successfully held in Luan City in September 2010 to the upcoming China International Down Exposition in 2013, Luan demonstrated the feather of West Anhui to the world with the help of the magnificent stage of Down Festival (feather exposition), expanded its popularity and reputation, and strongly promoted the construction and development of Luan Down Export Base.
At the first feather festival, Luan City was designated as "China's top-quality feather export base" by the Food, Native Animal and Animal Import and Export Chamber of Commerce of the Ministry of Commerce. At the same time, the "China Down Trading Market" was officially established in Huoshan County. Since then, the construction of the top-quality feather export base in Luan City has made great strides. Through continuous cultivation and development, there are 282 production and export enterprises, 12 of which have won the title of provincial leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization and 6 regional feather processing bases centered on leading enterprises. Enterprises'investment in R&D and technological innovation accounts for more than 2% of sales revenue. Innovative achievements have been made in washing, drying, finished product production, packaging and storage. At the same time, there are more than 200 trademarks registered by the State Trademark Office for down products in Luan City, among which more than 30 trademarks have been awarded the title of "Anhui Famous Trademark". More than 90% of the down export enterprises in Luan City have passed the certification of ISO 9001 quality system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS 18001 health and safety management system. Some key export products have passed the certification of CQC good agricultural standards. The down products produced by Luan Marine Feather Co., Ltd. have also obtained the certification of International Down and Feather Testing Center (IDFL) and Swiss textiles. Quality certification.
Since 2010, the export of feather products in Luan City has grown rapidly at an average annual rate of 25%. In 2012, the export volume of feather products reached 269 million US dollars (including export supply), accounting for 11.3% of the export volume of similar products in the whole country and 85% of the total export volume in the province. The products are sold to more than 80 countries and regions, such as Japan, the United States, Germany, Australia, Taiwan and Hong Kong, with a high international reputation. The market prospects are good. The main export products are high-quality down, down clothing, down bedding, badminton, feather handicraft five categories, including high-quality down exports accounted for 62%, feather manufactured products accounted for 38%.
More and more feathers are needed to fly high
The development of down industry in Luan City has a unique foundation. In the vast green land of West Anhui, large-scale breeding of white geese in West Anhui has been realized, and more than 30 large breeding bases have been formed. At present, there are nearly 20 million white geese in the city, and the proportion of large-scale breeding is more than 40%. With Shouxian, Huoqiu, Shucheng, Jin'an and Yuan districts as the key counties (districts), the production area of white geese has initially formed. More than 30 towns, such as Guzhen, Sun Gang, Dongqiao, Huhu, Baoyi, Huoqiu, and Shouxian, have begun to take shape. The total water surface of the base is nearly 100,000 mu, and 78,000 mu of pasture is planted. Nine million commercial geese are produced annually.
At the same time, the city has initially formed a reasonable regional distribution of white goose breeding system represented by Anhui West Anhui White Goose Seed Farm in Jin'an District, Anhui West Anhui White Goose Seed Breeding Farm in Shouxian County, Anhui Huayuan West Anhui White Goose Science and Technology Co., Ltd. in Huoqiu County, and Anhui Helong Poultry Breeding Co., Ltd. in Shucheng County. Relying on the excellent resources of white goose breeds, Lu'an City has become an important base for the research of white goose. The research projects of purification and rejuvenation of white goose breeds in West Anhui, cross breeding, artificial incubation and breeding of high-egg-producing white goose strains in West Anhui have been successful, and the technologies are leading in China. Aiming at the bottleneck problem of low egg production and low reproduction rate of West Anhui White Goose, the bottleneck of low egg production rate and unbalanced supply of goose seedlings has been broken through after two years of tackling key problems in Luan City. At present, the demonstration base of off-season goose production has been built, which will lay a good foundation for the development of goose industry in the city, including feather processing. High quality down resources not only make the local down enterprises develop gradually, but also attract many well-known down garment manufacturing enterprises such as Allay to settle in and develop.
In the construction of export base for fine down products, the quality of products in Lu'an City has been put in the most important position. Good raw materials, continuous updating of enterprise processing equipment, a series of innovations in feather processing technology, strict quality control of feather products, so that the base processed water-washed down with down.
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