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Lu'an, Anhui Province: Down Industry Needs to Drift Up
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Industry is gradually warming up, feathers in Western Anhui float out of the country
On November 30, the reporters entered the workshop of Luan Aoankang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. to assemble, trim, inspect and pack boxes. The workers were busy all the time.
"These feather lanterns are all ordered by Denmark. There are more than 5000 lanterns in total. The construction period is tight. More than 200 workers in seven workshops are rushing to make them." Tang Yangbin, general manager of the company, told reporters that the products to be delivered on December 3 are now basically finished. Tang Yangbin's busyness is only a microcosm of the recovery of down industry in Luan City in winter.
"The higher the quality of the down, the better is the"hanging down". Only the local variety of Wanxi White Goose in Lu'an produces this kind of down. In Saihua Down Co., Ltd., the four or five-storey single-compartment machine with high down is almost non-stop all year round. The white down floats like snowflakes and rolls in the machine. Zhao Desheng, in charge, said that the company can produce more than 1000 tons of down and feather raw materials every year, which are basically sold to Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangzhou and other places with an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan. "Feather and down industries are doing well this year, and enterprises are warming up." Lu Jun, director of Luan Economic and Credit Commission, told reporters.
Luan City is one of the largest down industry distribution centers in the country. The local white goose body in West Anhui is excellent. It is the best raw material for producing high-quality down. Feather, down and its products and handicraft processing are the dominant traditional industries in the city. There are nearly 1,000 large and small related enterprises. Feather raw materials and processed products are exported to Europe, America, Japan and Korea.
"In recent years, due to the fluctuation of the market cycle, the down industry fluctuates greatly, but in general, the development of the down industry is obvious." Lu Jun said that the down industry in Lu'an has formed a feather and its products industry chain, which integrates hatching, breeding, washing, down garment processing and feather crafts processing. "Because the industry chain of Luan feather and its products is relatively complete, in recent years many well-known foreign enterprises have also moved their production bases to Luan." By 2015, there were 61 enterprises with feathers and their products above the scale in LiuSafe City, with total industrial output value of 10.672 billion yuan and main business income of 9.147 billion yuan.
Lack of leading enterprises is greatly affected by market cyclical fluctuations.
After October this year, Zhao Desheng finally showed a smile on his face. "Since October, the price of down materials has been declining for three consecutive years. At last, there is a trend of warming up, and I am relieved." Zhao Desheng said, "Now the price of a catty of down is 600 to 700 yuan, which is much higher than before."
When Zhao Desheng was 16 years old, he began to scramble in the field of down material processing. "From 2010 to 2013, the price of down raw materials has risen steadily, but since 2013, it has entered a downward cycle. Down industry is too cyclical, every three or five years is a cycle, during which prices are almost the same every day. Zhao Desheng said that with the highest quality "hanging down" as an example, when the price reached its peak in early 2013, it could sell 1,700 yuan per kilogram, while by early 2016, the lowest price fell to 300 yuan per kilogram.
Xia Daotian, head of Tianxiang Feather Co., Ltd., which deals with the processing of down materials in Guzhen Town, Yuan District, Lu'an City, also said that a batch of raw materials in his home village would lose more than 20 million yuan if they were launched half a month ago, and after only half a month, the same products would earn 8,000 yuan per ton.
"Even if the price is not ideal, we dare not easily shut down. Once the industry shuts down, it represents the loss of customers. In recent years, in addition to more than a dozen down processing enterprises in Guzhen, half of the small enterprises can not afford to stop production. We also survived on the basis of small-scale production orders. Zhao Desheng said.
In Lu Jun's view, the short board restricting the development of down industry is just the unbalanced industrial chain. "Take 2015 as an example, the total output value of feather and its products enterprises in the whole city is 10.672 billion yuan, but the total profit is only 173 million yuan, of which most of them come from the processing enterprises of down and feather raw materials." The reason for this embarrassing situation is that although Luan has a complete industrial chain, the main enterprises are mostly concentrated in the primary processing areas, and the terminal products lack the support of local leading enterprises. "At present, Luan City has initially formed several leading enterprises of down products, but there is still a big gap compared with similar companies in other provinces. Without the support of competitive leading enterprises, the down industry in Luan City is vulnerable to fluctuations in the market cycle, and the survival pressure of small and medium-sized enterprises is very great.
Enhance scientific and technological innovation to help down industry soar
The processing industry of down materials in Guzhen town is not good, but Tang Yangbin's feather handicraft business is not worried about sales.
"Although our company is small, all our products are exported to Europe and the United States, with an annual output value of $2 million." In Tang Yangbin's eyes, the production and development potential of down and feather raw materials is not great, but ultimately depends on the research and development of terminal products to stabilize the market. "This export to Denmark feather lanterns, is developed by our company, with intellectual property rights products, a total of six models, Danish businessmen on the side of praise. Tang Yangbin told reporters that the company mainly deals in feather crafts, although small in scale, but design and development has always been the core. Since 1997, he has set up a design team. At present, the company has more than 1,000 products of two varieties, most of which come from this design team.
Nearly 70% of Zhao Desheng's products are high-quality "hanging down", whereas before.
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